Love is SEXY, Love is HEALTHY

Latino Pride Center and Queens Pride House invite you to:

Love is SEXY, Love is HEALTHY
Love is INTENSE, Love is SERENE
Love ME, I’ll love YOU
Love is RED, Love is BLUE
SEX can be ‘TWO’!

A social gathering where we celebrate love, friendship, family and community.

Hosted by Diva Sha-de-Blue

Join us from 9pm to 10pm for delicious appetizers, to mingle and laugh with other LGBTQA friends while shaking it off with DJ XXX.

From 10pm to 11pm, giggle and clap to performances inspired by love, sex, and relationships. Show your love for the winning performance.

DJ XXX returns at 11p with his select hits while we shake it some more, kill the appetizers, and celebrate Love in RED & BLUE! 😄